ASA 101/103/104 Combination Course



Learn How To Sail in San Diego

Learn to sail in a safe and supportive environment under the expert tutelage of our experienced instructors.  Acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to sail a modern, mid-sized cruising yacht.

The ASA 101/103/104 combination course is a six-day intensive program, a fast track to quickly prepare you to charter our 42 Fleet boats in San Diego/Mission Bay.

At the Basic Keelboat level, you’ll learn sailing terminology and its applications, knots, points-of-sail, rules of the road, introduction to docking, and more.

After learning sailing fundamentals in Basic Keelboat, refine and expand your skills during the second part of the course that covers the 103 Basic Coastal Cruising curriculum and includes docking, maneuvering under power, heaving-to, crew overboard recovery, reefing (both underway and hove-to), correcting for weather helm, current and tide analysis, basic navigation, and chart work.

On the first day of the 104 course, students will plan their next few days ahead and shop for provisions.  After some docking practice, students will set sail that afternoon for their first practice anchorage. On the morning of day 2, the boat and its systems are examined before setting off for a sail to another destination, giving students a chance to practice new navigation skills.  Students will prepare one dinner aboard and enjoy one meal ashore at one of the many dockside restaurants around the bay.

Tests are administered aboard the boat during the morning of the final day. Students will also work on more advanced crew overboard recovery methods. Upon completion of this course, you will receive your internationally recognized ASA 104 certification.

Upon successful completion of the class, students who are also Gone Sailing club members are eligible to charter boats up to 42’ in length in our Fleet.

All of your class time is hands-on training under the guidance of a US Coast Guard-licensed instructor.  This combo class is limited to 4 students.


We take every measure to make sure the boat is clean and ready to face the training challenges.   But your personal protection is up to you, if you do not feel safe around other people or are concerned about COVID19 during this class, do not sign up for this course.  If you feel sick or have special needs that interfere with the instruction of other students, do not sign up for this course.

Please note, once we have 4 sailors enrolled in this class we will send out guidelines for you to follow in helping to reduce the risk of contracting COID19 and/or other common flu viruses.   The course will require a COVID19 test performed 72 hours from the time you arrive onboard.

Gone Sailing can not guarantee your health under any condition that you might be faced with during your training.

Remember… Sailing is an inherently dangerous sport and you assume all the risk.  But at the same time, sailing is a wonderful way to explore our oceans, seas, bays, and lakes.  It gives us the freedom to create our own unlimited adventures… one day soon, you will be Gone Sailing.  

Start your next adventure & enjoy the open sea today!


Prior to the 6-day ASA 101/103/104 combo: 

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