Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

How do I find Gone Sailing Charters?

Since we’re a boat, we don’t have an address, but we do have a permanent fixed location where we are always docked. We’re at the Hyatt Regency SPA and Marina Hotel on the “Market Landing” at 1441 Quivira Road in San Diego.

Where should I park?
Street parking is free and close. You can park in the Hyatt paid parking, controlled by Ace Parking (no validation). There is public parking located on the far side of the Hyatt, close to the Red Marline.
What should we wear for our sailing adventure?
Dress for the season and always bring a jacket. Avoid wearing open-toed shoes because you don’t want to stub your toes. You can wear sandals, but you need to be mindful of the deck equipment. Leather soled shoes are too slippery, so you will be asked to remove them. Tennis shoes are fine. We ask that you wear boat shoes or white soled shoes if possible. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended.
Is this sailing trip safe for seniors?
Yes! Retirees love this adventure. We help them onboard, and we find a safe place for them to stay seated when they arrive.
Is it safe for children?
Yes! Kids love our trips. We even host children’s birthday parties, with an onboard naturalist to explain the whales, dolphins and other sea life that the children might see.
How early should I arrive for my sailing excursion?
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled excursion. Sign in with a crew member before boarding the vessel.
How long are the sailing trips?
The daily whale and dolphin watching adventures aboard Spirit last three hours, starting at noon and again at 5:00 p.m.

Private charters aboard Venere can be booked for two to eight hours. The adventures to Catalina Island typically last eight to 13 hours, depending on the destination you select.

For a longer trip, book the Cruisers Weekend Adventures.

Are there restrooms on the yachts?

Yes! There are rules to the restrooms (head). Here they are:

  • Number 1’s, totally cool!
  • Number 2’s not so cool! and not allowed!
  • No toilet paper or trash of any kind.
How far out do we go on the sailing adventures?
How far out we go depends on the adventure you book. We can stay anchored in the bay or sail all the way to Catalina Island. But in short, the Spirit charters typically sail to 8 to 12 miles out.

The private charter on Venere sail 1 to 5 miles out.

All our charters are near coastal adventures.

Can we swim off the boat?
Swimming is permitted when the boat is scheduled for bay anchorage. During sailing adventures, there is NO swimming allowed.
What’s the best time of year to see whales and dolphins?
Whales and dolphins can be spotted year-round in San Diego. Whenever you plan your trip, you have a good chance of seeing humpback whales, fin whales and dolphins.

Between December and April, you can also see the migration of the Pacific gray whale, and between June and December, you can see the Eastern Pacific blue whale. Blue whales can be seen during the warmer summer months.

How many people can come?
Spirit, our 54-foot sailing yacht, can carry up to 22 passengers under sail and 42 passengers under power. Venere, our 42-foot yacht, can carry up to 6 passengers. Our yachts are perfect for parties and special events. If you have an event that more than 42 passengers will attend, call us. We do have access to larger vessels.
Can I book an overnight trip on a yacht?
Yes. Venere can be booked for overnight stays via Airbnb. Cruisers Weekend Adventures are also available. You can stay anchored in South Mission Bay, or you can sail to Catalina Island.
How much does a Gone Sailing excursion cost?

The cost depends on which yacht you book and the length of the excursion.

Who will be sailing the yachts?
A licensed USCG captain and crew will be in charge of all charters booked on Spirit. All charters for six people or fewer aboard Venere include a licensed captain. If you book a private charter aboard Venere, a licensed USCG Master and a former U.S. Navy instruction, can show you how to operate the vessel.
Do I need to bring towels?
You do not need to bring towels, unless your sleeping on board or your party is at anchor and you plan to swim.
Do I need to bring a lifejacket?
Lifejackets will be provided for all passengers.
Do I need to bring ID?
Coast Guard regulations require all passengers age 18 or older to carry photo ID. Many of our excursions include wine and beer for adult passengers, so identification is needed to show proof of age.
Can we bring food and drink on board?
Yes, during your sailing adventure, there are options for light snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine at a cost. If you would like to bring your own snacks and drinks, that is fine. If you’re planning a party that will require catering, you can either arrange your own, or talk to Jack, our hospitality director, and he can arrange catering and party amenities for you, at an additional cost.
How do I reserve a sailing adventure?

Reserve your adventure online or call us at (619) 637-3038 or (844) 735-7245. If you are booking charters for more than six people, or if you have any special needs or requests, please call us.