A company party can be a great way to boost morale, but only if you do it right. Imagine the typical work party. Music is playing but nobody’s dancing. Decorations are out, but the cheap streamers and balloons don’t do much to disguise the office. People are hovering near the food. Conversation focuses on work because nobody can think of anything else to talk about.

That’s not inspiring. It’s cringe-inducing.

But your company party can be different. With a little planning, you can create a company party that will truly inspire your employees to feel like they’re part of something great and motivate them to do great things.

1. Get out of the office.

No matter how many decorations you put up, the office is still the office. You employees spend around forty hours a week in the office. They don’t want to spend more time there.

Even worse, when your employees enter the office building, they automatically think about the work they need to do. The environment doesn’t put them in the right mood for having fun and socializing. It primes them to focus on work.

You can solve this issue by hosting the party at a different location. This way, employees won’t feel like they’re going to work, and the party won’t seem like overtime.

2. Give people something to do.

The worst party is a boring party. You can provide food and music, but if that’s all you do, there’s a good chance you’ll have people standing around all night, nibbling on appetizers just so they’ll have something to do.

At the same time, you don’t want to force people to do activities they have no interest in. A party that’s overly structured can feel like more work.

The goal is to give people interesting options in a relaxed setting.

3. Make it something unique.

The average person can only take so many karaoke parties. You want your company party to stand out in people’s memories. To do that, it has to be something unique.

Don’t settle for the same old party your employees have already experienced a dozen times. Make your company party as special as your company.

Here’s a winning idea!

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